Seamless Loyalty Integration

Self-Serve Loyalty Signup

Give your customers some added incentive to sign themselves up to your VIP System, as well as reward them for revisits, the fun way!

Signing up for Loyalty just got more fun.

One-Click Import from the WinBin Customer Database to your Loyalty System

Self-Serve Signup

The WinBin license scanner is a simple self-serving way for customers to sign up for your loyalty program and be rewarded in the process. A customer simply scans and it grabs any information you have set, with optional phone, email and survey questions to populate your database with even more detailed demographics. They can then pick up their VIP/Loyalty card from your Customer Service desk, or have it mailed to them, all in one click.

Another optional self-serve method is through connecting a social media account on the web or mobile which will grab the required data from the user and they can generate their VIP card this way as well. Whether they sign up online, at your VIP desk, or through the WinBin, all data is one-click-away from being imported or exported to and from WinBin to Loyalty.

Integrates seamlessly into your current Loyalty system...

...or utilize the WinBin as your primary loyalty system!

When purchasing a WinBin you are also purchasing the custom integration into your Loyalty System that allows us to easily import customer signups into your database with one click, assigning them a card and getting them spending. We then have a read-only access to card numbers to your loyalty customers can come and scan on your WinBin(s) however often your promotion scan frequency allows!

Don't have a pre-existing loyalty system? No problem! We're here to help. The WinBin backend can be fully utilized as a Loyalty System all in it's own. With some custom programming, we will be able to implement our system into your business entirely. Our in-house staff will have you up and running in no time! Providing not only the simplicity of a self-serve signup, we also offer online sign ups and social media integration. Don't waste time and money having staff run up to customers and scan their license or risk not having customers come to your customer service/VIP desk, let them come to you.

Streamline your sign-up process

Cut costs by making it self-serve and fun! Multiple self-serving ways to sign up

One-Click Importing

Assigning customers a card to your pre-existing VIP system has never been easier

Built-In License Scanner

Grab detailed customer demographics off the built-in barcode reader, building a useful & accurate database

Social Media Integration

Options to allow customers to sign up via social media accounts are available

Schedule Special Promos

Give bonuses for signing up or visiting by scheduling date and time specific promotions

View Loyalty Points

Allow customers to track their loyalty points right through the WinBin. Easy graphical representation of their tier can be integrated

Detailed Loyalty Reporting

Generate custom loyalty reports and graphical charts, giving an in depth view all the way down to a single customer.

Export Reports to Excel or PDF documents

Export detailed reports into Excel, PDF, or CSV documents for easy manipulation.

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