Complete Customization

Your business, your WinBin.

Our in-house graphics and software development department will make your WinBin one-of-a-kind. From physical and digital graphics to user experience, we will manufacture a product just for you.

Continue Building Your Brand

Complete Customization of Graphics, Interface, and User Experience

Completely Custom Graphics & Lighting

In-House Designers

Our in-house Graphic Designers and Developers will work with you in branding your WinBin to your specifications

Beautiful Back-Lit Graphic Panels

Personalize your WinBin with a beautiful back-lit design

Customize LED lighting

LEDs are completely programmable, and our developers will work with you on different options to make each WinBin unique

Easily Switch Out Panels and Change Interface

Special Events? Switch up your WinBin with different panels and interface to draw attention to it.

Customized User Interface, Digital Signage & Loyalty Integration

Draw Attention With Custom Interface Design & Sound

We'll personalize your interface graphics and layout, as well as implement different sound features to draw attention

Digital Signage

The WinBin has an HD display, streaming video and high definition graphics to highlight events, products, games, and more!

Interactive Features

View loyalty points, implement price checks, view a store map, and more

Custom Views, Reporting, and Settings in the WinBin Web Portal

Analytics Are Endless

We've implemented the ability to easily create custom analytics specifically geared towards your point of focus, with beautiful charting and interactive datatables.

Email Integration

Fully integrate your email system to send/recieve emails directly through our system.

Content Management

Update, add, remove, and edit WinBin content such as streaming video, graphics, and information to be displayed to your customers

WinBin Settings

Change up prizes, raffles, promotions, scan frequency, and more all with ease through the backend.

Training and Custom Features

The WinBin software was built with customization as the main focal point. We can build practically anything off of it and will help with training your staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the WinBin a gambling machine?

No. The WinBin is a no-purchase-necessary prize and raffle machine which does not require a gambling license when used properly. Think of it as a rewards system for signing people up to your loyalty program, as well as continue to reward a customer's loyalty that has already registered.

How much does it cost?

Due to the complete personalization of each and every WinBin, prices vary. Fill out our Get a Quote section to find out pricing packages and payment plans that will apply to your business needs.

Our business doesn't want a shared server or a machine to be connected to the internet. What can we do?

We offer a local server package for your WinBin(s) which allows you to have all your local WinBin(s) connect without an outside connection needed. Our servers are completely secure with multiple layers of encryption and one-way hashing security, but if an internal server is necessary we have you covered!

I'm still not sure how it works or how it can apply to my business.

No worries! We will be adding a youtube channel soon for some demos and examples, and are more than happy to give a live demo for your business. Request a live demo today!

Still have questions?