Customer Relationship Management Made Easy

Keep in constant contact with your customer base and advertise to incredibly accurate user demographics.

In-Depth CRM Software Built-In

Detailed Customer Reporting and Analytics, Relationship Tracking, Demographic Exporting, Email-Blast Integration, and much more...

One of the primary features that come with buying the WinBin is our built-in CRM software in our web based backend. With the ability to break down your customer base by almost anything you can think of, you can use our CRM to target specific customer groups and track progress and success ratings in your advertisement campaigns. Integrate with your point of sale or VIP system to build off of customer interests and save time and money by targeting the exact audience you're trying to reach.

Geographic Customer Breakdown

Target customers in certain areas through email blast or snail mail, breaking right down to their home address

Geogating and push notifications

Integrate with your mobile applications or have us build one for you to target & send notifications in different sections of your business

Detailed Customer Search

Search for customers by practically anything: age, location, gender, spending habits, and even physical features!

Target Customer Groups

Generate and Export reports for specific customer demographics, spending and loyalty usage habits, and more.

Email Integration

Integrate with your email services to send emails directly from your in-house accounts.

Customer Management, Notes, and Blacklisting

Easily manage customers, add notes, and in times of need blacklist customers for abuse.

Backend User Roles

Allow custom access to your CRM software by assigning users roles and groups to allow restricted access.

Easy-to-use Responsive Interface

Easy to use responsive interface, accessible from any type of device, desktop or mobile.

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